Why you Should invest in Mobile Apps?

World is moving toward portable devices and Smartphone is the portable device that is being used by the 45.12% of population from all around the world. Now you can do pretty much any thing on your smartphone from buying a T-shirt to ordering burger for you. On your smartphone this all happens with Apps, Mobile Apps are taking over in business, shopping, social media, food and every field.

So, if you are thinking to invest in Mobile Apps business then you are going to deal with billion $$$ market. An App Revenue statistics 2019 shows that mobile game revenue for Play Store(Android) and App Store (iOS) was $54.7 billions.

Delivery Hero – an online food-delivery app network has earned EUR 687 millions by just delivering food.

Another example is Uber (a ride-hailing app) has earned $3.166 Billion (as of June) in 2019. Its all from App, so developing an app for your business is not a bad idea, is it? Its also depends on your idea and what kind of app you are going to develop. You can provide service like Snaptube (an audio/video content downloading app) or chatting app like Whatsapp.

Mobile presence is the need of today’s market, if you visit the Google Play Store or App Store you will get the idea how much people are engaged to mobile apps. On stat shows that there were 204 billion mobile app downloads recorded in 2022.

Here we enlist the reasons why you should invest in Mobile apps.

Mobile E-Commerce

It is foretasted, more than half of the eCommerce sales will be from smartphone by 2021. Smartphone is the frequent way to buy something online. Mobile App is the future of eCommerce or online shopping.

Mobile eCommerce stats shows 79% of Smartphone users have made a purchase online using their smartphone device in the last 6 months.

Growing Smartphone ownership

As mentioned above 45.12% of people using smartphone through the globe and it is increasing day by day. It is said that if business did not adapt the strategy “where their customers are” it will not be a business anymore. So if you are not involve in app business then you are not targeting half of the world population.

Time Spend on Smartphones

According to research smartphone users spend an average to 3 hours 15 minutes every day. Smartphone has beaten the television in terms of time spent by 2019. Company who mapped where their customers spent most of their time, adopting a good business approach. Now you can know the importance of the mobile apps.

Getting closer to customer

As the time spent by a smartphone user is increasing, you have an opportunity to engage your customer through mobile app. There is more possibility of getting closer to your customer. You can send notification through mobile app in customer’s smartphone about anything such as new product, offer or discount.

Importance of Mobile Apps in business

If your business do not have an app then you are going miss significant marketing opportunities. Companies who did not adapt themselves according to market trend will fails. A mobile give a new value to your business and provide competitive edge to your business.

But remember do not try to build an app from your website, develop a more engaging and user friendly app.

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