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10 Steps To Increase Views on Tik Tok

Many users want to know about promoting on TikTok and how to increase views on TikTok, one of the now growing social networks. After all, Tik Tok’s promotion algorithms change periodically.

First, you need to know what metrics the social network TikTok values ​​most. It is on these indicators that the very increase in views in this social network is based. But the main factor in promoting a video in Tik Tok is getting it into the recommended section otherwise If you want to increase your views you can buy TikFuel views.

Options for increasing views on TikTok

  1. The watch time of your video on the TikTok app. The more often users view your clip, the more views will be added to the featured section. And so on increasing.
  2. The regularity of posting your videos will also affect the increase in views. Take a specific time when you publish clips.
  3. Choice of a captivating cover.
  4. Description of your video (1-2 sentences). It is better to ask the audience a question at the end of the description.
  5. The high-quality design of your account profile.
  6. Timely publication of the trend. TikTok is now sending out the trend of the day, and if you shoot and publish a video of that trend in a timely manner, your views will increase. But you need to do this within a few hours after the appearance of this hashtag.
  7. The correct selection of music, which should be trendy, although you may not like it. Music also plays a significant role in the promotion of clips on TikTok. A good combination gives the use of TOP music in combination with your voice.
  8. Use live broadcasts. After all, live broadcast allows more users to stay on your account, which gives you additional advantages.
  9. Be sure to connect a Pro account, because you can monitor the statistics of views of your videos, using which you will improve the promotion in Tik Tok and accordingly increase the views of publications.
  10. Comments and likes also contribute to the promotion, so try to get as many of them as possible.

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