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About Precious Metals

I was planning to make a list of precious metals worth more than 5 thousand dollars but a very interesting list appeared in the public domain and I’m sure I can update it.

But in short, it is an itemized list of over one hundred pieces of collectible gold, silver, palladium, platinum, diamonds and so on you can see the gold price.

You can see it in the attached pdf of an article written by a New York City lawyer and a researcher to a paper of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee: The New Gold Cartel: War on Precious Metals in the USA.

This is a well-written article from a well-prepared author. The author compares the monetary policy with the history of precious metals; he even gives the legal roots of the accusation.

Of course, we can’t be sure about all the legal details of precious metals and no expert can cover everything, but you will get a quick overview of the critical issues.

The gold and silver lists

This was for me a real eye-opener; it is quite a different and fantastic approach to try to eliminate money from the economy. In the following, I’ll give some examples.

14k gold is the basic unit of money; this is obvious; therefore, gold is the first item. There is a small amount of silver and some rare base metals. Platinum is more profitable to convert. The problem is, the rules are unclear on their use as money.

To make it possible to be used as money, there should be no more than 21 million ounces of gold, yet in the world there are about 4 thousand million ounces of gold (EIA and COMEX gold reports).

Buy any cryptocurrency and you are buying the fact that there are no central authorities controlling it. Governments and central banks issue paper money and bank notes, but these currencies are central to the entire system.

They are produced and distributed by a bank or government in order to serve the needs of those using them and to promote commerce.

Most currencies in the world are not so easily manipulated. The US dollar, for example, has been around for well over 100 years, and it still has a high level of popularity around the globe.

Bitcoins, however, are old, and easy to manipulate, and are completely outside the control of any government or central bank you can also buy any of the cryptocurrency at 

At some point, if and when they reach a higher level of popularity, governments will try to control them.

But Bitcoin still cannot be easily manipulated. While it is true that there is no direct relationship between the supply of Bitcoins and the number of Bitcoins in circulation (there is no one limit on the number of Bitcoins that will ever be issued), the supply of Bitcoins can be altered via a “forking” of the Bitcoin blockchain. A fork is when miners that are in control of the Bitcoin network decide to choose different versions of the blockchain, which create two different, yet related, versions of the Bitcoin blockchain, in order to “favor” one version of the blockchain over the other.

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