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agence immobiliere angers

Our Nestenn real estate agencies talk to you about real estate in Angers Center:
Located on the Paris-Nantes axis agence immobiliere angers the city of Angers is characterized by its historic boulevards which surround the hyper center (boulevard Foch, Boulevard du Roi René, boulevard du Général de Gaulle, boulevard Carnot, boulevard Ayrault and the lanes on banks (la Maine). Close to our agency Nestenn Angers center, you will find historic buildings: the Cité is the oldest district of the city, but also, our pretty town of Angers is distinguished by its universities (Catholic University of ‘Angers = UCO, Higher School of Agriculture = ESA …), but also through its museums (Fine Arts museums …), and its cultural activity in particular the castle of the Dukes of Anjou which houses the hanging of The Apocalypse … in a word Angers is a city where life is good! So, to help you in your project,our team is at your disposal.

The Angers Center-Ville district is home to more than 20,000 housing units, the vast majority of which are apartments with 86%, for only 14% of houses. The real estate stock in Angers is distributed as follows: just over 89% of main residences, 3% of secondary residences and less than 8% of vacant housing.

With regard to the shares of real estate for purchase or rental, there are 70% of tenants, compared to only 30% of owners. Residents generally find more real estate offers for studios or 2 rooms, these 2 categories of property representing nearly 50% of the real estate market in Angers Center. 3-room (20%), 4-room (15%) and 5-room and more (15%) housing share the other half of the housing stock.

Finally, out of more than 500 companies located in the city center of Angers, 19 are real estate agencies.

About the agency Nestenn immobilier Angers Center
Located at 37 boulevard Foch, in the city center of Angers, our real estate agency Avis Angers center was created in May 1989 by Jacky FORTIER. It is now managed by Laurent Bouly.

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