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How do sports betting payouts work?

The lines are set and a matchup has been set in the Stanley Cup Finals. The Golden Knights will take on the Washington Capitals.

Now comes the fun part.

You get to place your bets on the outcome of the game. There are plenty of options. You can bet on the outcome of each period of the game, including those past and future. You can also bet on which goalie will win the MVP award.

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The odds of each question are determined by something called the over/under, which is a number assigned to a potential play for that period of time.

So, if the line is for a player to score a goal (11.5) or record an assist (4.5), you can bet on that number being surpassed, or that the player will make one of those two plays.

The line is set by a formula. Basically, the sportsbook assumes the betting public will wager on the outcomes of the play.

The amount of money wagered on the outcome of the over/under for a particular game can cause the line to increase.

If a similar line (in this case, 11.5) was set on most other plays, the odds would decrease and the over/under could drop.

The theory is that a bigger line on a certain event increases the number of people betting on it. It also creates less urgency on the part of the bettors to make that bet.

For example, a bettor might decide to bet $5 on the Golden Knights to win the Stanley Cup. That means the wager would take up one of a gambler’s 13 correct picks during the season. If the Golden Knights win the Stanley Cup, then the line would go from 9.5 to 8.5. That means more people would want to bet on it, and thus, the line would drop even more.

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