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How much do sports broadcasters get paid?

For media companies like Disney or CBS, getting ESPN into sports was a no-brainer. The fees for broadcasting NFL games, college games, and MLB games among other sports generate billions in revenue for media companies.

For the industry overall, it’s growing in spite of changing revenue streams, a fluctuating subscriber base, and the constant threat of viewers cutting the cord.

It’s been a decade since the last wave of mass layoffs hit the TV networks that broadcast sports, a casualty of the financial crisis.

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Now some TV sports broadcasting are actually picking up subscribers because of the over-the-top (OTT) options available to viewers. And the broadcasters, sports leagues, and their associated websites are reaping the benefits.

Broadcasters like ESPN have been climbing up the ladder in salary, receiving an average of $8.1 million in annual salary and $55 million for a four-year contract, according to annual salary figures from Variety compiled by Associated Press.

ESPN and Turner Broadcasting have also been on the rise because of the increased size of some of their cable TV and digital subscriptions.

The 2018 Walt Disney Co. fiscal year released in February showed a 14 percent increase in revenue from cable networks compared to the previous year, The Wall Street Journal reported. ESPN saw a revenue increase of 3 percent compared to 2017.

Turner’s revenue was up 4.6 percent, with Time Warner division Warner Media increasing 11 percent from last year.

Both ESPN and Turner are in the middle of large contracts with the sports leagues for broadcast rights.

For instance, Turner signed an eight-year contract with Major League Baseball and 20 local TV markets. It’s currently the largest media rights deal in sports.Before the expiration of the deal, Turner Network Television did an exclusive live stream of the entire MLB playoffs. The deal also includes ad-free programming for the online fan communities of all 30 MLB teams.

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